CheMKBio: About

Welcome to my blog page! I hope you enjoy having a read around some of the articles on here.

I initiated this blog as a means to distract myself from the tedium of thesis-writing and scientific paper-writing, figuring it might be nice to write in a less formal manner about a variety of things that interest me. The thesis and paper are now done, yet thankfully this lives on.

There isn’t really a unifying theme to this blog, although a significant proportion of it is related to themes in chemistry and biology, my own research area. Some articles offer my take, or explanation, on current society-relevant scientific topics, such as GMO’s, or prospective impacts of political events on scientific research. Others simply serve to highlight some particularly great, high-impact research articles of others I’ve read. Yet some are not at all related to science, and simply reflect my thoughts on provocative articles I’ve read elsewhere.

Happy reading!