CheMKBio: About

Welcome to my at present rather new blog page! If you have got this far, I hope you will go that bit further and have a read of some of my articles (they will increase in number, I promise – and they’re better written than this).

As you may have guessed from the staggeringly innovative name of this page, CheMKBio deals with various topics related to chemistry, biology, and anything inbetween. (You might also guess that MKB happens to be my initials…). A goal of this blog is to try and take topics that are hopefully of more general, wide-ranging interest, and present them in a way that is accessible to non-experts, and indeed non-scientists. You can judge whether I succeed…

More generally, I like to pick out scientific topics that I feel are of broader societal relevance – “hot topics”, if you will – and discuss them. Academic science all too often retreats into the proverbial ivory tower, writing on subjects that lack any sort of connection with a more general public. There’s a lot of science in my field that has the potential to have exactly that connection, as I hope this blog will show.


Happy reading!